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Personalized Orthopedics

Our Method

We Use Dynamic Treatment Options to Help Our Patients’ Regain Mobility and Stability. Here Are Some Steps to Expect:

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Step 1

Consultation and/or MRI

Our specialists perform a thorough analysis to evaluate your pain levels and range of motion. We then determine whether you require an MRI to help diagnose you and give you a clearer picture of treatment options for your orthopedic symptoms.

Step 2

Specified Treatment

Our methodology for helping relieve your orthopedic condition(s) consists of individualized physical therapy for orthopedics, anti-inflammatory treatments, injections, and having surgical intervention as a last resort.

Step 3

Post-Treatment Care

Your orthopedic post-treatment care is of utmost importance to us. It starts with testing your range of motion, followed by facilitating therapy at home or in the office. If some instances need additional treatment via injections, it would significantly reduce pain and expedite recovery time.

8 Tips Before Your Orthopedic Surgery

A guide to staying informed before and after your treatment.

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